The last 12 months have been amazing.

When we turned one we reflected on why we started Salt, saying ‘We wanted to feel free to enjoy what we do, put our experience to good use, make a difference, and to simplify and streamline the way we work so we can offer people more.’ We had certainly done some of that in year one, but looking back now on year two, we have done a whole lot more. Our second year has seen us doing even more exciting things, expand our client base, work with a growing team of wonderful associates and partners, travel more than we ever expected, deliver a global campaign and embark on a new EU launch. Aside from that we’ve built escape rooms, life-sized board games, VR experiences, art installations in Lyon’s Museum of Contemporary Art, created a hair salon on a congress booth, turned scientific data into art…and made sure we’ve always had time to enjoy it along the way.

We have continued to meet and be inspired by amazing people, grasp amazing opportunities and get far too carried away with our ideas on many an occasion. We have an excellent team of people we rely on to make Salt a reality, and we thank each and every one of them for helping us to complete our second year as a thriving business, doing work that really matters. Our clients have given us feedback that has made us blush and even cry (in a good way!), and we have seen the impact of some of our work out in the real world. That’s really what we want to achieve – creating positive change in people’s lives.

Please can we have more years like this one? We have honestly loved every minute.