Salt is a strategic creative agency with a passion for health.
We offer clear, joined-up thinking that creates positive change. Nothing overcomplicated or unnecessary, just the fundamental elements developed into strong ideas and creative solutions that make a difference.
We believe in taking an honest, original approach to any challenge, considering all aspects to develop bespoke and compelling results that work.


We are only interested in work that achieves its objectives. Our strategists are experts in untangling powerful insights and identifying compelling direction across marketing, medical, brand and consumer challenges, to provide power for positive change.


With creativity running through our veins, we thrive on a creative challenge and love bringing ideas to life. Be it branding, conceptual, design or delivery, we pride ourselves on finding a new perspective and nurturing it into a finely-crafted and impactful end product that affects change.


With interaction and connectivity essential to making change happen, digital is at the heart of transformation. Our teams harness the latest innovations, providing uninhibited thinking to online campaigns, social, video, gaming, apps, websites and novel digital solutions. Designed specifically to suit the challenge, all our projects are efficiently tracked, managed and monitored to ensure they meet the hard and soft measures of success.

Behavioural psychology

Going way beyond ‘behaviour change’ advertising speak, we work with a team of certified behavioural psychologists – expert, evidence-based researchers who understand not just what people say, but what they think and how they feel. And, most importantly, why. This most powerful of insight allows communications to connect on a much deeper level, making them significantly more powerful and effective at creating change that lasts.

Founders / Chris & Kath

Chris and Kath are long-time friends and colleagues. With over 40 years of combined experience in branding, advertising, digital and design agencies, they have developed a desire to end over-complicated ways of thinking, talking and working.
The result is Salt – an agency that offers straightforward, intelligent, creative solutions and follows clean, honest values.
Salt is made up of a select group of like-minded thinkers to create something that reflects their beliefs and outlook on life. Something they’re proud to call their own.

Everyone at Salt shares the core values of honesty, positivity and collaboration. Together we offer bespoke, creatively-minded, expert teams that are nimble, flexible and tailored to your needs. Salt thinkers include:

Kath Cotton /Managing Director

Turning potential into reality is the motivating force behind everything Kath does. Whether it's an idea, a person or a brand, working with a team to pinpoint the most powerful force and bring it to life is what she gets excited about.

Chris Tredwell /Creative Director

When asked of his love of design, his answer is 'problem solving'. Creating well thought through, beautifully crafted, bespoke solutions to client problems to truly make a difference is what gets him out of bed in the mornings.

Chloe de Caux /Business Unit Director

Bringing together science and creativity to deliver compelling campaigns is what Chloe comes to work for. Her background in psychology and ongoing interest in behavioural economics allows her to really get under the skin of people, and understand the way they make decisions in the real world.

Sean Gall /Art Director

What Sean loves about design is ‘change’. As a designer you learn new tips, tricks and tools every single day. Trends change, tech evolves, and he loves to thrive in this ever-changing world.

Priyanka D. Shah /Senior Account Manager

Priyanka loves working closely with clients to solve strategic challenges whilst ensuring high standards of project delivery. She strongly believes in the power of insights to drive meaningful campaigns that can make a real change to the lives of patients and HCPs.

Russell Blythe /Senior Art Director

Russell is a true believer in the power of creativity to affect positive change and help companies achieve their business goals. Obtaining insight through Strategic thinking and deep understanding of brand needs is what drives him to deliver effective results.

Dan Cuthill /Copy Lead

Dan’s enthusiasm for science and creative shows in his ability to turn even the driest data set into powerful brand stories.

Fenya Lazar /Account Director

Unique challenges require creative solutions and focused account handling. This philosophy is what drives Fenya in her every day. Championing the power of storytelling to drive meaningful patient and customer outcomes for clients.

Maisy Cater /Design Intern

Maisy has always had a passion for design and helping people. Thats why starting an internship with Salt fits so well, the ability to create beautiful pieces of work while also making a change in someones life. It's what she strives for.

Salt Associates

Our team of associates offers a broad range of expertise, giving you the flexibility to choose the support you need, when you need it. From core teams dedicated to ongoing client work right through to ad hoc expertise, our network includes strategists, behavioural psychologists, copywriters, medical writers, conceptual thinkers, art directors, designers, artworkers, developers, project managers, account handlers and business leads.


Our collaborations and partnerships ensure that genuine expertise is applied to each and every challenge. Carefully selected teams who share our philosophy and passion for innovative and effective solutions. You can see some of our partners here.

We’re delighted that others appreciateand recognise what Salt has set out to do

We’re always up for a chat, so feel free to drop us a line


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