A year ago today I was battling a nasty respiratory virus that may or may not have been COVID-19. I still don’t know. Reading this post again, it is amazing how much has changed in the last year. How much we have learned, how much society has adapted, how far medicine and healthcare have advanced. It’s astounding that we have all been adapting our daily lives for a year now, never quite sure when the end will come.

We have missed so much – people, events, journeys, adventure. But as a society we have discovered so much too, forced to adapt how we do things and accelerate change much quicker than we otherwise would have. While we’d clearly be better off if this pandemic had never happened, we can at least be proud of the
accelerated progress we have achieved in areas that have been slow to change, like virtual healthcare, flexible working and medical R&D. The development, approval and roll out of the vaccines have been nothing short of a human miracle.

Last year’s post may seem naïve now, but it’s also a sign of how far we’ve come. Hooray for vaccines, hooray for gradual easing of lockdown, and here’s hoping we can keep this virus in check.

Here’s to meeting with friends, holidays, haircuts and hugs. Enjoy 🙂

Have I had coronavirus?