Salt // six

It’s felt like a bit of pivotal year this year. Last year, turning 5 felt like a big milestone, but maybe it’s this year that’s really sunk in. It’s been a year of discovery, evolution and excitement, and we’re very much ready for year 7!

The speed of progress

I’ve reached the age where I am having to push myself to keep up with new technology and not resist it. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and how it can improve the way things are done and make people’s lives better. I mean can anyone remember what they did before mobile phones and the internet?

Channel-Strategy: Taming the demon

The average person sees 5,000–10,000 adverts a day(1). Let that sink in…

With that being said, how does the rule ‘a person needs to see a message seven times for it to stick’ fit in? Surely we would all be towing the company-line by now.

Hybrid working: the best or the worst thing ever for healthcare advertising?

Well the future’s here and it’s hybrid. Even by late 2022, midweek commuting on TFL had barely staggered back to 70% of pre-pandemic levels. Across our industry – and almost all ‘white-collar’ work – the hybrid model is the only show in town...

That’s a wrap!

This festive season the Salt team assembled a little book of our favourite recipes – we hope you enjoyed it!
We recorded a wonderful 139 downloads, taking our total Food For All UK donation to £1,390.

Meals for downloads

This year the Salt team has assembled this little book of our favourite recipes that we hope you’ll enjoy!
For every download we’re donating a meal to Food For All UK, a charity that supports those struggling to put food on the table. Please help us reach our target of donating £1,000 to this truly worthwhile cause.

Salt // five

It seems like only yesterday that we made the decision to start our own agency, and back then we wouldn’t have believed where Salt is as we turn 5 - transitioning from a start up to an established agency.

It’s Christmas

Christmas is only one day of the year, and we were keen to do something more long-lasting than a typical Christmas donation. Ilford Sunday drop-in caught our eye, and we’re delighted to be able to support them to expand the wonderful work they do with vulnerable and homeless people.

Salt // four

And in a blink of an eye, Salt is four! The last 12 months really have flown by, which is a strange feeling given the pandemic simultaneously feels like it’s lasted forever. We almost feel grown up now, fully established and excited about where we are, as well as what’s still to come.

Lewy Body Dementia Awareness Week – a personal story

This week is Lewy Body Dementia Awareness Week[1]. Despite my Dad having had LBD I had no idea the awareness week existed. I guess that’s why we need to raise awareness. Lewy Body Dementia, for those of you who don’t know, is the second biggest cause of dementia in the UK ...

One year on

A year ago today I was battling a nasty respiratory virus that may or may not have been COVID-19. I still don't know. Reading this post again, it is amazing how much has changed in the last year.

Pause for thought

Since starting Salt with Kath over 3 years ago I continually ask the question ‘are we still striving for and achieving what we set out to do when we started?’ (Go on, ask Kath. she’ll tell you it’s my favourite question) ...

The year that was

This year we have started a partnership with the RCN Foundation, so we wanted to take the opportunity to show our support. Nurses and midwives have been some of the hardest hit through the pandemic, and people like the RCN Foundation are there to help give them the support they need.

Salt // three

Would you Adam and Eve it Salt is three today! Well I think it’s fair to say that year three was certainly not what we expected… well not what anyone expected really. January feels like a lifetime ago, back in the days when you could work together in real life, have meetings, see people, travel. We miss all those things, especially people.

Will the planet thank us for COVID-19?

It’s approaching the time of year where we offset Salt’s carbon emissions. Being a virtual agency our footprint has never been huge, but this year I am obviously expecting it to be lower than usual.

A set up to fail

This blog covers a subject that has vexed me and that I’ve wanted to address for a long time. Certainly people that know me will have been subjected to some of the following in various incarnations over the last 5 years and are probably rolling their eyes right about now ...

Have I had coronavirus?

The simple answer is, I don’t know. The guidance to self-isolate if you are showing symptoms came at the same time as the guidance to only test people who are hospitalised. I have had a persistent dry cough, difficulties breathing and a mild fever. But I will never know whether it is COVID-19.

I am not a vegan

I became a vegetarian back in the 1980s. In those days it was far from common, and it was hard to find vegetarian food when I was away from home. My friends’ parents didn’t know how to deal with it, and my Dad thought I was some kind of hippy weirdo who would get over it by the time I hit my teenage years. 30 years on, I am still vegetarian ...

Salt // two

The last 12 months have been amazing.

When we turned one we reflected on why we started Salt, saying ‘We wanted to feel free to enjoy what we do, put our experience to good use, make a difference, and to simplify and streamline the way we work so we can offer people more.’ We had certainly done some of that in year one, but looking back now on year two, we have done a whole lot more ...


We at Salt have been chatting a lot recently about the fact that we’ve not written a blog since last year. It’s sad how these are the things that are first to go when there is a lot of work on, and given our last post was about the joys of cashflow it was pointed out to us recently (thanks Stuart!) that we may have left the wrong impression ...

How can this be okay?

Salt is now in its second year, and things are going well. We’re getting busier by the day, with lots of new clients coming on board and existing work expanding into new areas. So how come our cash surplus is disappearing before our eyes, and our bank balance is fast approaching zero? It’s no surprise …

Salt // one

Last summer, over beer, wine and chips, we discussed our passion and drive for change and to do things differently. A few months later Salt was born, and now we are turning one. Why did we do it? We wanted to feel free to enjoy what we do, put our experience to good use, make …

I love it, but can you make it blue?

Where do ideas come from? Truly come from? The great ones, and even more so, the exceptional ones, are brought about through a need. A need to fill a gap, a frustration of something not working properly and wanting to make it better, to express something in a new and interesting way, or to overcome …

Bad behaviour

Behaviour, ‘The way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially towards others’ In other words, everything we do. The decisions we make, the way we act, the things that show people who we are. There is so much talk about behaviour change, it’s become a buzz word. But how often do we really aim …

The illusion of balance

I doubt that anyone would disagree that a good work/life balance is a good thing, but seemingly this, for many, is only a theoretical aspiration. Why does this possibility go out the window when it comes to practice? Why do so many people find themselves working crazy hours week in, week out, with no light …

Why is pharma so antisocial?

My GP has a mug on his desk that says ‘please don’t confuse your Google search with my medical degree’. People are more information hungry than ever, and when faced with a health problem the first instinct is to google it, just like everything else. We are used to finding everything at our fingertips, and …

The Future of people powered health

Nesta’s six months of planning and development culminated last week into their slick ‘The Future of people powered health’ event, which didn’t disappoint. And it wasn’t just down to the inspirational and thought-provoking speakers, although they left the audience with a lot to think about. The day was enriched by multi-sensory feasts provided by innovators …

Being social

Being social used to mean being just that. Now it means almost the opposite – being glued to a device and barely making meaningful contact with other human beings in the real world. Now, I’m not in any way against social media (that would be ironic for a post shared through social channels), but has …

Creativity shouldn’t be an afterthought

I had a really interesting conversation last week where I was pretty much told that what I am passionate about and do for a living is meaningless and doesn’t make a difference. On the surface I was, I’ll admit, rather taken aback. I needed to take a few moments to compose myself and construct a …

Whose strategy is it anyway?

In this third episode our three contributors Kath, Richard and Haifa grapple with a question that repeats more frequently than a garlic vol-au-vent: Whose strategy is it? (strategy that is).

Let’s build a strategy!

All too often it feels like the strategy for any brand is recreated a million times over, because everyone who comes into contact with it wants to add their two pence, and show they understand the problem better ...

Respecting the sum and its parts

You wouldn’t walk into an operating theatre, suggest to the surgeon that they might want to think about making that cut 4mm to the right, and offer to close the patient. Equally you wouldn’t bowl onto a building site laying bricks, ‘just because they look good there’ and all because you’ve seen and been in …

What’s wrong with progress?

We all know that clients increasingly need to do more with less. Marketing budgets are being cut continually, and expectations of ROI and proof of impact are higher than ever. In parallel, communications agencies are looking for ways to do more; with more focused, intelligent thinking and stronger creative. But this expertise comes at a …

Launch day!

Salt Thinking day 1! We are incredibly proud and excited to announce the launch of our new venture. It seems a long time ago now when we first dared to dream we could do this, but with a lot of hard work, support and belief we are finally here and can’t wait to get started …