Salt // three

Would you Adam and Eve it Salt is three today! Well I think it’s fair to say that year three was certainly not what we expected… well not what anyone expected really. January feels like a lifetime ago, back in the days when you could work together in real life, have meetings, see people, travel. We miss all those things, especially people. Despite the pandemic we have been able to continue working hard and build the agency whilst remaining true to what we set out to do. We have, like everyone, had to pivot our direction, embrace new challenges and find new ways of working. Coupled with lockdown and home schooling it certainly hasn’t always been easy, but we have certainly achieved a great deal that we are proud of.

We are lucky to be able to say that we still love every minute of what we do, are incredibly proud of our team and what we have achieved together, and thankful for the clients who have put their trust in us. Let’s hope year four doesn’t throw quite as much at us as year three, but whatever it has in store, we’re ready for it!