How can this be okay?

November 19, 2018Thinking

Salt is now in its second year, and things are going well. We’re getting busier by the day, with lots of new clients coming on board and existing work expanding into new areas. So how come our cash surplus is disappearing before our eyes, and our bank balance is fast approaching zero? It’s no surprise … Read More

I love it, but can you make it blue?

September 18, 2018Thinking

Where do ideas come from? Truly come from? The great ones, and even more so, the exceptional ones, are brought about through a need. A need to fill a gap, a frustration of something not working properly and wanting to make it better, to express something in a new and interesting way, or to overcome … Read More

Bad behaviour

September 4, 2018Thinking

Behaviour, ‘The way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially towards others’ In other words, everything we do. The decisions we make, the way we act, the things that show people who we are. There is so much talk about behaviour change, it’s become a buzz word. But how often do we really aim … Read More

Why is pharma so antisocial?

July 10, 2018Thinking

My GP has a mug on his desk that says ‘please don’t confuse your Google search with my medical degree’. People are more information hungry than ever, and when faced with a health problem the first instinct is to google it, just like everything else. We are used to finding everything at our fingertips, and … Read More

The illusion of balance

June 20, 2018Thinking

I doubt that anyone would disagree that a good work/life balance is a good thing, but seemingly this, for many, is only a theoretical aspiration. Why does this possibility go out the window when it comes to practice? Why do so many people find themselves working crazy hours week in, week out, with no light … Read More

Being social

May 9, 2018Thinking

Being social used to mean being just that. Now it means almost the opposite – being glued to a device and barely making meaningful contact with other human beings in the real world. Now, I’m not in any way against social media (that would be ironic for a post shared through social channels), but has … Read More

Creativity shouldn’t be an afterthought

April 20, 2018Thinking

I had a really interesting conversation last week where I was pretty much told that what I am passionate about and do for a living is meaningless and doesn’t make a difference. On the surface I was, I’ll admit, rather taken aback. I needed to take a few moments to compose myself and construct a … Read More

Whose strategy is it anyway?

March 27, 2018News, Thinking

In this third episode our three contributors Kath, Richard and Haifa grapple with a question that repeats more frequently than a garlic vol-au-vent: Whose strategy is it? (strategy that is)

Let’s build a strategy!

March 14, 2018Thinking

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Respecting the sum and its parts

March 8, 2018Thinking

You wouldn’t walk into an operating theatre, suggest to the surgeon that they might want to think about making that cut 4mm to the right, and offer to close the patient. Equally you wouldn’t bowl onto a building site laying bricks, ‘just because they look good there’ and all because you’ve seen and been in … Read More